What Is A Fiddler Crabs Adaptation ?  

The environment is actually a constantly changing place. Everything around is going through several changes on a day to day basis. Seasons go and seasons come, birds migrate, trees shed their leaves, and babies are born. There are so many things happening, but with every event there are subtle changes also that are taking place.

To put in a short perspective, these subtle changes are called adaptation, and all living beings are constantly adjusting to the changing needs of environment.

There is a unique balance maintained between these changes and adaptation that is taking place. Crabs are one of those animals in which the adaptation is clearly evident. The male and female fiddler crabs are quite different from each other. The male has one enormously long claw and the female has equal sized claws. Within the fiddler crab species, there are three kinds of them. These are the sand, mud and the water fiddlers.

The sand fiddler and the mud fiddler crabs are found both in mildly brackish water and salt water. The mud fiddler crab is found everywhere. They live in such varied environmental conditions to adapt to the needs of finding food and also survival. They mostly live on different types of bacteria.

The fiddler crab gets its name from male because it uses one claw, which is long, to feed itself. It looks like a bow is being moved across the fiddle, and that is why people started calling them fiddler crab. These animals are known best for their adaptation skills and they are not endangered as of now. They have many behavioral adaptations, which not only complex, but also flexible.

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What Is A Fiddler Crabs Adaptation





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What Is A Fiddler Crabs Adaptation ? )
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