Bipolar And Heredity  

Bipolar disorder is related to the neurological system, and in this disorder the person exhibits extreme mood swings, suffers from depression, and also has stress and anxiety disorders. When people with bipolar disorder are having an episode, it is very difficult to control them. Several doctors believe that bipolar disorders run in families for generations.

Nearly two third of the patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder have at least one relative who suffers from the same. If a person who has a relative with bipolar disorder, then there is 25 percent chance of getting it, and if a person has a parent or both the parents with bipolar disorder, then there is 75 percent chance of getting it.

Several reasons why children and adults should develop this disorder is environmental than genetic causes. If there is a lot of stress in the family due to bipolar disorder, then chances are high that the children living in the same environment also get affected. It has also been observed that in the case of twins, if it is fraternal or non-identical twins, then the chance of getting bipolar disorder is 10 percent, and in case of identical twins, the chances are 40 percent.

Through several studies and examples it has been observed that bipolar disorder can be caused due to heredity. The genes carrying the disorder may be present, but the disorder gets triggered mainly due to depression and stress. If people learn to manage their stress and also lead a healthy life mentally and physically, then they can avoid the disorder altogether.

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Bipolar And Heredity





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