Heredity For Kids  

Every single organism in the world is made of genes. These genes are passed onto subsequent generations. The genetic code might differ from one generation to another. That is why we all look so different, and have different features.

Genes play an important role in the development of human beings, and how they live their life. There are other environmental factors also deciding the gene mutation even in human beings. The best way to observe the traits of heredity is in your own offsprings. Your kids will have some features that are identical to you and some features that are identical to their grandparents. However, these are the external features that we can see. There are several internal features also that get passed on from you and your ancestors to the kids. From the color of the hair, eyes and skin to the height of the person or the way they look is influenced by the genes.

Hereditary traits are always defined by certain genes. Every individual carries two genes for one single trait. The dominant gene will cause the changes in the person. The genetic codes are present in the egg and the sperm. These codes pair up and give birth to a new human being. So, for every single characteristic that we exhibit, there is a gene. For instance, for height there are two genes. One comes from the mother and one comes from the father. Whichever gene is more dominant, you will share the characteristics of that gene. And, the height will, therefore, depend on the dominant gene.

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Heredity For Kids





How-Does-Heredity-Work      Hereditary is a theory in which the genes play a major role. Every single organism that exists on earth has a genetic code. This genetic code is passed on to the offsprings in both bisexual and asexual organisms. The genetic codes that are passed on bring about certain changes in characteristics. More..




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