How Does Heredity Work ?  

Hereditary is a theory in which the genes play a major role. Every single organism that exists on earth has a genetic code. This genetic code is passed on to the offsprings in both bisexual and asexual organisms. The genetic codes that are passed on bring about certain changes in characteristics.

Heredity plays a minimal role in asexual organisms when compared to bisexual organisms. Asexual organisms are bacteria and viruses, and they also procreate. However, they procreate the same type repeatedly, over and over again. There is no alteration made to the genetic code. That is why we are able to use vaccinations and medications to fight viruses and bacteria. Once the body develops immunity to one type of virus, then it is unlikely the virus could affect the body again. However, it is not the same with bisexual organisms.

In bisexual organisms, there are two set of genes that are being passed on and that is why the offsprings are different in many ways. They may be better or worse, and most of it depends on the environmental conditions. However, every person’s or organism's genetic code is made up of the genes that have been passed on for several generations. These genes are constantly trying to adjust to the environment and the changes. In order to observe the traits of heredity and how hereditary affects the life of organisms, one has to study several generations. In a single generation one cannot achieve a lot of research based knowledge or observe the traits of heredity.

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How Does Heredity Work





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