Human Heredity Traits  

Human beings are what their ancestors were in several ways through physical and mental characteristics.

Every human being has his or her set of genetic code, and these genetic codes carry several traits and characteristics of the ancestors. This may include habits, features like eyes, hair and nose, height, and even some of the diseases.It is a normal thing for a human to compare their offsprings to their ancestors or themselves. We often hear people saying that a child has his or her grandfather’s eyes, mother’s hair and so on. These characteristics do look similar and that is why we are able to compare. Human heredity traits can be observed through your own offsprings. We share several similarities with our parents and grandparents and still we are quite different to look at.

Also, some of the talents are shared traits. Singing, ability to dance or even behavioral patterns is sometimes hereditary. Every person grows up individually however; but there are some things that are very similar to the parents or grandparents or even relatives. The food habits may be different, and also the children might be brought up in a completely different environment. However, none of these factors influence the basic traits of a human being as much as heredity and genes do.

Here are some of the human heredity traits on which environment has no impact.

Physical characteristics like color of the hair, height, color of the eyes, facial features, physique, some unique qualities like singing, or exceptional intelligence are affected by outside environment or factors. All these characteristics can be carried down to the offsprings. Some hereditary traits can skip a generation and make their appearance in later generations.

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Human Heredity Traits





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