Is Alcoholism Heredity ?  

A research shows that children who are born to alcoholic parents have a high chance of developing alcoholism.

If one of the parents is alcoholic, then the chances of the offspring becoming alcoholics are nearly 40 percent. If the father is alcoholic, the chances of children becoming one are nearly 35 percent. However, even this percentage differs from male child to the female child.If the mother is an alcoholic, then the chances of the children being an alcoholic is nearly 60 percent. However, whether alcoholism is hereditary or not is very arguable. There are several factors to be considered for concluding this statement.

If children are being brought up by parents who are alcoholics, then the chances are that they also get influenced due to their parents' habits. This is an environmental trait rather than a heredity trait. The child will be under the influence of alcohol in a passive way at some point or the other.

Heredity may play a role through other internal characteristics that contribute to alcoholism. The children who are likely to get stressed out easily or depressed easily or even excited easily have higher chances of becoming alcoholics when their father or the mother is one. Conditions like stress and depression can be a heredity syndrome. If the parents are depressed, then the children also have higher chances of suffering from depression.

Also, if the children are growing up in an environment that has too many alcoholics, then it could be a problem. The children growing up in such an environment are bound to try drinking early in life.

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