Psoriasis And Heredity  

Psoriasis is a condition which is caused by a problem in the immune system. People, who have this condition, suffer from several skin related problems. The skin does not shed the dead cells. Instead, the dead cells end up being collected as layers.

This causes the discoloration of the skin, and also causes itchy patches all over. The skin is covered with plaques, and this is called a psoriatic lesion.Psoriasis can also be passed on through genes, and can be a hereditary disorder. If you have a family history of psoriasis, then the chances are very high that you may also get it. However, psoriasis has multiple reasons, and genes are just one of them. It is a very complicated condition to study. If a parent has psoriasis, then the child has 10 percent chances of developing it. In case of identical twins, if one of them has psoriasis, then there are 70 percent chances that the other twin will also develop the condition. Also, paternity and the maternity have an influence on the disorder. So, it has been found out that genes do not essentially cause psoriasis all the time. Several people have no history of the condition in their families, but still suffer from it.

However, researchers have no conclusive proof to say whether psoriasis is carried through genes or not. Whenever there are faulty genes that carry over diseases from one generation to another, they play a role in increasing the chances of getting that disease. However, there is no guarantee that the disease might be actually caused if the other conditions are normal. If there are emotional, psychological or physical causal factors present in the environment, then the chances of getting the disease become higher.

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Psoriasis And Heredity





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