What Is Heredity ?  

Heredity is the inheritance of certain characteristics from the parents or grandparents or even ancestors before that. These traits are then passed on to offsprings to increase their chance of survival. All living beings have DNA, which carries the genetic code.

These genetic codes are made up of genes.For every characteristic, we have there is a gene responsible for it. Even the color of our hair is determined by the genes we are carrying. We get one gene from the father and one from the mother for every single characteristic, and which ever gene is dominant, we express the characteristic controlled by that gene. This is called heredity.

According to Charles Darwin, all living beings have a common ancestor, and that most of the living beings share several genes and this can be found from the process of evolution. To an extent Darwin’s theory is very true. Human being evolved after several organisms and living beings evolved. For example, humans share nearly 95 percent of their genes with chimpanzees and also other apes. However, we are human beings and they are animals. The last 5 percent makes this distinction between the way we look, our intelligence and characteristics.

Genes are responsible for drawing similarities between two living beings, and they are also responsible for the distinction between two living beings. Though most of the genes we inherit through our parents are very similar, we still have our individuality. That is what heredity is all about. It passes on several characteristics that are good for survival and also makes a clear distinction of individuality.

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What Is Heredity





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