What Does The Theory Of Evolution State ?  

What Does The Theory Of Evolution State

              The theory of evolution says that all animals and plants have their origin in their earlier existing types, and there are few discernible differences and modifications in the succeeding generations. However, today there are several different definitions of evolution.More...


Examples Of Natural Selection

Examples Of Natural Selection                Natural selection can be defined as a process where the organism that is able to survive will pass on the beneficial traits to its offsprings because these traits are the best suited for the environment. When the offsprings are able to survive successfully, they increase in numbers. The theory of natural selection also says that this process of passing on beneficial traits from parents to offsprings helps to maintain a balance in the environment.More...


Adaptation Of The Elephant

Adaptation Of The Elephant              Adaptation is a natural technique used from the smallest bacteria to human beings. Why do we all adapt? It is because only by adaptation to various circumstances we all can lead our lives successfully. Not adapting to the surrounding environment will cause more problems for us.So, it can be said that adaptation is a process that takes place at a subconscious level without the realization of the process. For example, animals constantly discover better ways of adaptation to their surrounding even when there us a change in the environment.More...


H1n1 Mutation

H1n1 Mutation           H1N1 virus has been responsible for some of the most common influenza types, and some are even deadly. Influenza is a seasonal disease that anyone is likely to get in the colder climates. It is extremely contagious, and actually can make the symptoms of an existing condition worse in some people. In some cases, it turns fatal.H1N1 virus especially is just one mutation of the strains of the virus that is mainly responsible for causing the swine flu. There are several strains of the virus.More..


Interesting Facts About Gregor Mendel

Interesting Facts About Gregor Mendel               Gregor Mendel is known as the Father of Genetics because of his breakthrough in the laws of inheritance. He is the person who came up with the laws of inheritance, and how hereditary affects various generations. Even today, these basic principles are used in the most complicated genetic researches.He was born in a small town of Austria in 1822. The name of the town was Heizendorf. Today, this town has become a city, and it is a part of the Czech Republic. His father was a peasant farmer.More...


Human Heredity Traits

Human Heredity Traits              Human beings are what their ancestors were in several ways through physical and mental characteristics. Every human being has his or her set of genetic code, and these genetic codes carry several traits and characteristics of the ancestors. This may include habits, features like eyes, hair and nose, height, and even some of the diseases.It is a normal thing for a human to compare their offsprings to their ancestors or themselves.More...






Creatism-Vs-Evolution      People have always argued whether man was created or did he evolve. It is still an ongoing argument among them. The discussion of origins involves religious and scientific theories. There are so many theories revolving around this concept. There are so many cosmic factors that point to creation that have to be taken into consideration, and also the natural facts that point to evolution. More..




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