Interesting Facts About Gregor Mendel  

Gregor Mendel is known as the Father of Genetics because of his breakthrough in the laws of inheritance. He is the person who came up with the laws of inheritance, and how hereditary affects various generations. Even today, these basic principles are used in the most complicated genetic researches.

Here are some interesting facts about Gregor Mendel:

He was born in a small town of Austria in 1822. The name of the town was Heizendorf. Today, this town has become a city, and it is a part of the Czech Republic. His father was a peasant farmer.

Gregor Mendel studied botany, zoology, history, mathematics and physics in the University of Vienna. However, he failed physics and could not proceed further. He left his studies and joined a monastery to become a monk. 

Gregor Mendel chose the pea plant because they had an extremely short life cycle. It was possible to study the changes in several generations of this plant, and the findings were also on a fast pace. This shows that Gregor Mendel was an intelligent and shrewd person.

Mendel grew more than 30 thousand pea plants in a span of fifteen years. He had names for his pea plants, and he assigned a single alphabetic character to each of the generation of pea plants. He observed several traits at multiple levels in the pea plant.

Mendel also conducted his experiments on animals, he observed the mating behavior of several animals that lived in the monastery and the resultant characteristic traits that were passed on to the offsprings. However, this experiment of his was not as successful as the pea plant experiment. Gregor Mendel soon quit his experimentation with animals.

Gregor Mendel died on January 6, 1884 due to chronic nephritis.

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Interesting Facts About Gregor Mendel





What-Advantages-Did-Mendel-Enjoy-By-Choosing-To-Study-The-Garden-Pea      Gregor Mendel was an Austrian monk, who conducted experiments on pea plants to study the way traits and characteristics pass from the parent plants to the offsprings. His study led him to postulate the laws of inheritance. He is known as the Father of Genetics because it was Mendel who came up with the laws of inheritance. More..




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