H1n1 Mutation  

H1N1 virus has been responsible for some of the most common influenza types, and some are even deadly. Influenza is a seasonal disease that anyone is likely to get in the colder climates. It is extremely contagious, and actually can make the symptoms of an existing condition worse in some people. In some cases, it turns fatal.

H1N1 virus especially is just one mutation of the strains of the virus that is mainly responsible for causing the swine flu. There are several strains of the virus. Most of them have occurred due to mutations. And, most of these H1N1 mutations have occurred naturally.

There are vaccines and medications available for H1N1 influenza, but one particular vaccination can combat only one type of strain. It increases our immunity to just that virus strain alone. There are so many more strains, and anything from them can cause influenza.

Of late there has been a lot of chaos regarding the swine flu because of the high fatality rate. People were scared that if they get swine flu, they are going to die. Nevertheless, doctors have tried explaining that swine flu is not different from the common flu, and any person who has got it just needs to take normal precautions. Also, the warning was that if people had a pre-existing condition like asthma, the virus seemed to progress that condition.

Swine flu is one of the most common diseases now worldwide and has a high level of awareness compared to any other form of flu. The vaccination Tamiflu seemed to work well to combat the symptoms of swine flu, but it has to be taken within a few days of developing the flu. Thereafter, it is useless to take the vaccination. It takes one week time for the symptoms to subside, and during this time the person suffers from the normal flu symptoms like high fever, cold and chest pain.

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H1n1 Mutation





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