Mutation Of Bacteria  

Bacteria are usually seen as a bad thing by most people except those who are in the field of biology and bacteriology. The reason is because most of the diseases that are caused are due to the bacteria and viruses. However, not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, most of them are good.

Human beings need bacteria for various processes, and they also play an important role in the process of evolution. Today, bacteria play the most important role in the study of genetics and also microbiology.

Bacteria are extremely small living organisms, and they can be seen only under a microscope. Until the microscope was invented, people did not even know that there was something known as bacteria and that such small organisms can actually live. Once bacteria were discovered, the reasons for several diseases were known, and this further lead to various cures being discovered and invented for those diseases. That is how the bacteria earned a notorious name.

However, when it comes to the mutation of bacteria, most of them seem to reproduce asexually. That is, each cell divides into two. Basically bacteria end up reproducing exact clones of themselves. So, most of the bacteria shared the same genetic combination or sequence in the exact same order. Several experiments were conducted on bacteria, and it was observed that when a newer virus was introduced to bacteria some got damaged, while some resisted the invasion. The bacteria that resisted lived and developed the resistance even in its offsprings. Even at a grass root level such as bacteria, it was observed that mutation brings about a change that is needed for survival.

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Mutation Of Bacteria





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