What Is Kras Mutation ?  

It is essential for all of us to have certain type of gene mutations in our body. Researches have found that several types of genes in our body, and the mutation processes are identical to other animals' gene mutation processes too. All living beings need the process of mutation to take place at the right time within the body so that we develop in the right way.

KRAS stands for Kirsten rat sarcoma viral. It is a type of protein which is encoded as the KRAS gene. There are several types of protein in the RAS family. Any mutation comes from a whole lot of various mutations. A mutation can be accidental or deliberate. However, virus mutations are generally considered to be bad. The KRAS gene is actually the gene that is left out in the mutation process. However, this left out gene does cause some problems at the metabolic level.

The mutated KRAS genes are good, and they play an effective role in several types of cancer. So, the KRAS gene acts as a switch, and when it is turned on, it activates the protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They are needed by every single part of the body, including for metabolism and the brain development. So, KRAS mutation which gives birth to an activator is required by the body for activating the protein.

Scientists who have researched the basic qualities of this mutation type have realized that when this particular mutation does not take place, there could be problems at a developmental level.

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What Is Kras Mutation





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