H1n1 Mutation  

H1n1 Mutation


H1N1 virus has been responsible for some of the most common influenza types, and some are even deadly. Influenza is a seasonal disease that anyone is likely to get in the colder climates. It is extremely contagious, and actually can make the symptoms of an existing condition worse in some people. In some cases, it turns fatal.More...


Types Of Mutation

Types Of Mutation           Mutation is a change in the genetic sequence to change the characteristics from the parent code. A mutation is caused by two individual sets of genetic code or DNA and a new code is created using the combination of both the codes. There are several types of mutation that can take place in living organisms.More...


Causes Of Genetic Mutation

Causes Of Genetic Mutation           Mutation is a change in the sequence of the genes. Every living organism has a certain gene order. If you assign an alphabet to each of the genes present in the DNA, then you will see that they form a unique sequence. This sequence is different and unique in every single organism. The sequence may resemble to some extent to the parents, but overall it will have its own signature. Even twins who are born at the same time carry a different gene sequence from each other.More...


Mutation Of Bacteria

Mutation Of Bacteria              Bacteria are usually seen as a bad thing by most people except those who are in the field of biology and bacteriology. The reason is because most of the diseases that are caused are due to the bacteria and viruses. However, not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, most of them are good.More...







What-Is-Kras-Mutation      It is essential for all of us to have certain type of gene mutations in our body. Researches have found that several types of genes in our body, and the mutation processes are identical to other animals' gene mutation processes too. All living beings need the process of mutation to take place at the right time within the body so that we develop in the right way. More..




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