Darwin Theory Of Natural Selection  

Charles Robert Darwin was a naturalist from England, and he was the one to describe the theory of evolution. In his theory, Darwin explained that all species evolved from a common organism. That is, all living beings shared a common ancestor. This was called the theory of evolution. Darwin also had other theories supporting the theory of evolution such as the theory of natural selection, the origin of the species, and the survival of the fittest.

The theory of natural selection is a part of the theory of origin of species. He defined natural selection as a process where all living beings naturally selected the qualities that were needed for the survival. That led to the survival of the fittest theory also. He explained that the offsprings did select the qualities that were needed to fit in to the environment. And, the offsprings that did not fit in could not survive and they eventually became extinct.

He also pointed that human beings, plants, animals and every microorganisms evolved into this world in the same way. The theory of natural selection was explained by Darwin using the example of the black and brown moths during the industrial revolution in Manchester, England. He observed that during the industrial revolution the pollution was high. So the trees in Manchester became black. This resulted in the black moths being protected from the preys due to their coloration. However, the brown moths could be easily identified and soon they dwindled severely in numbers. And, the reserve was happening prior to the industrial revolution.

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Darwin Theory Of Natural Selection





Definition-Of-Natural-Selection      The theory of natural selection was explained and found by Charles Darwin, who was an English naturalist. Darwin dedicated his entire life in studying the theory of evolution and all the other associated theories. His contribution to the science of biology is immense, and even today, his theory of natural selection is the most respected theory of all. More..




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