Examples Of Natural Selection  

Natural selection can be defined as a process where the organism that is able to survive will pass on the beneficial traits to its offsprings because these traits are the best suited for the environment.

When the offsprings are able to survive successfully, they increase in numbers. The theory of natural selection also says that this process of passing on beneficial traits from parents to offsprings helps to maintain a balance in the environment.Organisms that are less suited for the environment cannot survive and they start dying due to various reasons. They decrease in numbers and become extinct eventually. Take the example of the cheetah in the wild. A cheetah is an animal that is known to run very fast. The faster it runs, the better are its chances of catching its prey. If it catches the prey and has enough food to live on, then it can survive. The cheetah passes on this trait to its offsprings. Some cheetahs of the same species may not be able to run very fast. Even when a cheetah that can run fast and a cheetah that cannot run fast mate and reproduce, the resultant offspring will naturally have the ability to run fast because of the trait for running is invariably dominant, and therefore expressed.

The theory of natural selection also applies to creatures that blend with the background color of the nature for their survival. Some animals or living beings are predators, while some are preys. Usually the animals that are preys and are low on survival instincts develop traits that help them to camouflage with the environment. This is possible through the process of natural selection.

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Examples Of Natural Selection





Facts-About-Natural-Selection      Natural selection is the process through which different species adapt to the environment so that they bring about the desired changes in their offsprings to have better survival instincts according to the surrounding environment. The process of natural selection is an important one in the process of evolution. Different genes come together, and bring about the best qualities required for the survival of that specific species. More..




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