Facts About Natural Selection  

Natural selection is the process through which different species adapt to the environment so that they bring about the desired changes in their offsprings to have better survival instincts according to the surrounding environment. The process of natural selection is an important one in the process of evolution. Different genes come together, and bring about the best qualities required for the survival of that specific species.

In order to understand the balance in nature, one has to understand the concept of natural selection. It explains several things in theory that makes the process of evolution understandable and real.

The theory of natural selection was coined by Charles Darwin, who was a British environmentalists and naturalist. Darwin spent several years living animals on Galapagos Island trying to study the process of evolution. He lived on an empty island to observe the natural habitat around him and the various creatures that lived there.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for Darwin to postulate his theory of natural selection came by observing the transition of the black and brown moths in Manchester during the industrial revolution.

After reading the theory of natural selection, several scientists understood that evolution is a very long process, and there are several mechanisms involved in it.

The theory of natural selection strongly supports the idea that man evolved and that he was not created. This did not go down very well with the Church, and initially the theory was not accepted. In fact, none of Darwin’s theories were ever accepted while he was alive. It is only today, after several years of his death, that his theories have gained acceptance and are so popular.

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Facts About Natural Selection





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