How Does Natural Selection Work ?  

Natural selection is a process which explains that all living organisms through their genetic code select the qualities that are most essential for their survival naturally. That is why the theory has been named as natural selection. It has been seen that living beings naturally select the qualities needed for survival.

Darwin clearly explained this theory using the examples of the moths in Manchester. Darwin had done extensive research on the subject of evolution, and had actually observed how organisms changed their characteristics in generations after generations.

Every single organism has genes, and the genes are arranged in a definite order in the DNA in them. When two living beings mate, the offspring is born with a combination of the genetic codes of both parents. That is typically one gene is taken from each parent. For example, for the hair color, there will be one gene from each parent. Out of them, one will be dominant, while the other will be recessive. Whichever gene is dominant, the person will get that characteristic. The dominating gene is always determined by the process of natural selection.

Living beings always automatically take over the quality that is preferred for surviving. Nature is full of predators and preys. This may not exist among human beings today, but in the animal world, it is still the rule. For example, if there are very tall trees on an island, then the living beings in that island will naturally have long necks so that they can reach out to the foliage above or the insects can fly high. The theory of natural selection mainly depends on nature and food source that is being provided through nature.

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How Does Natural Selection Work





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