Natural Selection In Biology  

Natural selection is a process through which various species adapt to the environment. Also, the species that have a better reproductive rate have a better chance of living or surviving than a species which cannot reproduce.

The characteristics that are passed on through genetic codes make sure that the newer offsprings are armed with the capabilities to survive the changing environmental conditions. These capabilities may be to combat a new predator, or live in a changing climate. Nonetheless, some changes are observed in every offspring.Each offspring is called a genotype, and every genotype is different from one another. A genotype is nothing but a group of individual organisms that share similar characteristics.

The theory of natural selection is a crucial part of the theory of evolution. Evolution is nothing but a process of adaptation, and this process takes place through the process of natural selection. Evolution itself is a complicate process, but under natural circumstances living organisms develop survival instincts even in this complicated environment. We find changes in insects, birds, animals and many more living beings. They are all changing so that they can survive, while meeting the demands of the newer environmental changes. However, organisms that cannot survive or adapt to the changes are disappearing.

According to biology, natural selection is considered as an adaptive change. Evolution cannot take place if there is no variation in the genes. So, the genetic combination has to be different from one organism to the other. That is how biology considers that the theory of natural selection can be true as the genetic codes of all organisms are different, but are also identical at the same time.

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Natural Selection In Biology





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