What Is Natural Selection ?  

Natural selection is a process through which evolution occurs. It is now widely believed that man was not created by a superior being. Instead, man evolved from a single microorganism. According to Darwin, all living beings have the same ancestor, but all the beings evolved in different ways through different gene combinations caused by mutations.

In the theory of natural selection, Darwin explains that every two organisms mate to create an offspring. The creation of the offspring is a must for their survival. In fact, procreation is their whole purpose. The offsprings share their genes with the parents. That is for every single characteristic they adopt, they get one gene from the father, and one gene from the mother. Which ever gene has better survival qualities, that gene dominates clearly.

For example, if the cheetahs are not able to run fast enough to catch their prey, they will naturally select the gene to get stronger muscles or legs so that they can run fast. This kind of characteristic changes is observed in all insects and animals and human beings. Take the beetles for example. There are green beetles and there are brown beetles. The reproduction rate in both the species is different. The brown beetle reproduces more because the conditions are unfavorable for the green beetle. The green beetle needs more green and fresh grass to survive. However, due to the massive deforestation and construction of modern buildings finding grass is not possible. The green beetles are forced to live on mud which is brown. The predators can see them easily. So, they are easily picked up by predators, and that is why their numbers are falling.

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What Is Natural Selection





Darwin-Natural-Selection-Examples      Darwin cited several examples to explain the theory of natural selection. In the 19th century, he set out on a voyage to an island to study the phenomenon of natural selection. One of the prime motives for all the species is the survival, and that is why they reproduce. When they reproduce, their genes are passed on to the offspring. These genes bring about changes in them so that the offsprings can survive the newer environment. More..




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