Military History Of Japan  

The most remarkable events in the military history of Japan were the Russo-Japanese War and the World War I. The Russo Japanese War in 1905 is considered an important landmark in military history as it marked the first defeat of a European power by an Asian power. In WWI, Japan played a significant role as an integral part of the Allies and won control of a number of German colonies located in the Pacific.

Other important events in the military history of Japan included the Japanese infringements into China and Manchuria in 1937 and 1931 respectively. However, the ever increasing ambitions of the Japanese military forces faced a lot of resistance from the West. There were three primary factors that caused the Western countries to resist Japan’s expansionism. First, China had acquired a lot of sympathy and popularity with the people in the West. Second, the western countries began to fear the loss of their economic advantages to China. Third, the viciousness of the Japanese troops in the Nanjing Massacre compelled the western forces to intervene.

Other major events in the military history of Japan took place during the World War II. The two major powers in the West, namely the U.S. and Great Britain, preferred to impose sanctions on Japan rather than enter into a military conflict with it in order to stop its aggressive expansion. In the year 1940, Japan signed the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy. In 1941, America increased its economic support to China and ceased the shipment of gasoline, steel, and other aviation material to Japan.

By April, 1941, Japan entered into alliances with Russia and the French colonies in Southeast Asia for economic assistance. Eventually, the Japanese military conquered the air and naval bases of southern Indo-China on 22 July, 1941. Another important landmark in the military history of Japan was the Greater East Asian War of 1941, marked by Japan’s decision to attack its own allies.

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Military History Of Japan




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