Why Study Military History ?  

Military history is an important discipline of humanities and comprises of the general historical accounts of armed conflicts in the history of mankind. It also includes the detailed studies of the impact of these conflicts on human societies, cultures, economies, civilizations, and their international associations.

If you want to know why should you study military history, it is not a difficult question to answer. This subject has been studied with great interest at service schools and different academies to ensure that the mistakes that were committed by different troops in the past are not repeated by the military command. A thorough study of military history can also help other military forces learn from the past lessons by inculcating an aptitude in the commanders to recognize historical parallels during wars and thus improve upon its present performance.

The most important areas of military history under study are the reasons of war, the social and cultural basis and implications, military doctrines of the two sides, the logistics and technology used, kind of strategies employed during war, leadership, and the constant change in the war tactics used over centuries. While professional historians emphasize mainly on the impact of the major military conflicts of the past, amateur historians concentrate on several other minute details of the past military affairs of different nations.

Thus, military history of different nations should be studied as it is dynamic. The constant developments in the subject, pertaining to the use of new technologies and the continuous evolution in the art and science of managing military forces, are useful for human societies as well as organizations. Besides its value as a guide to the past, present, and future military developments and their possible impacts, the subject of military history is worthy of studying by anyone for the sole purpose of entertainment.

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Why Study Military History




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